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It has almost been a week since my birthday but I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to share with you 24 lessons I’ve learned along the way. Believe me when I say that life has never been easy for me. But it wouldn’t be worth it if it was so easy, would it? For what it’s worth, it just made me appreciate everything I have. And even more.

24 Lessons For My 24th Birthday

So here goes:

  1. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Cliché but true. Nothing great can ever be accomplished if you are too scared, too shy or too weak.
  2. It is never too late to be what you might have been. Stop stopping yourself.
  3. If you can’t stop thinking about it, then do something about it!
  4. Life will always be unfair. Learn to live with it.
  5. People come and go. But the best ones won’t.
  6. Money makes the world go round. Let’s admit it.
  7. Live in the moment. Cause this life is pretty amazing if you think about it!
  8. DO NOT EVER compare yourself with anyone.
  9. Family first. ALWAYS in ALL WAYS.
  10. Life is not a race. Be quick, but don’t hurry.
  11. Keep your personal life private.
  12. Health is wealth. The older you get, the more conscious you become.
  13. Life is too short to stress yourself out. It isn’t worth it!
  14. There’s no shortcut to success. You have to work really really hard for it.
  15. Always be happy. If you’re not, then get yourself out of that situation. Your choice.
  16. Other people’s comments and opinions don’t really matter. Not now, not ever!
  17. Work hard in silence. And shock everyone with your success.
  18. Distance means nothing. If the person means everything to you!
  19. You are good enough. Don’t you ever doubt that!
  20. Attitude is everything. While knowledge may get you somewhere, it is your attitude that will take you to the top.
  21. Time is a luxury. You can have all the money in the world but not enough time to spend it all!
  22. It is impossible to try and please everyone. But why would you even want to do that?
  23. DREAM BIG.
  24. Trust and love yourself. Be your own greatest fan!

I hope you did get some inspiration to keep on thriving. You got this!

X, Kylie

  • Lovely post! Thank you for sharing your experience 💖

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thanks love! 🙂

  • I love this inspirational post. It is so true, you have to live in the moment and this definitely proves it. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great start to fall 🙂

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much Heather! You too 🙂

  • Yes, I just love your list! These are some fantastic lessons. Happy belated birthday!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you Amber!

  • Michelle Gwynn Jones

    That’s a great list. I can relate to all of it. At the moment I would say reminding myself that Distance Means Nothing is the most significant.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Yes dear. Where are you from?

  • These are all great lessons we all need to remember! dreaming big is so important! and being close to your family too! Happy belated birthday!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      I completely agree! Thank you so much!

  • Rose Mont

    That’s a good list. Some of these I didn’t know when I was 24. You are on a great path!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      I hope so! 🙂

  • Jenn Goggin

    Happy 24th Birthday! What a great list, I love the one about Attitude is everything! I am a firm believer in this as well! Also another important one is always be happy!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much, Jenn! And yes, that’s so important too!

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    Hope you had a great Birthday. You list is so true and are perfect.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you Cynthia!

  • Maro Akamatra

    I agree with lots of things on your list but not #6. In my opinion what makes the world go round is love, only love! Happy Bday!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      That’s what I’d like to believe too. But this world can sometimes get a little out of hand.

  • I started reading this up & after every point, I was like, “Yes!” And later on I just stopped saying that because ALL the points made so much sense!!! It was impossible to pick even a few to relate to, because all are relatable!
    You’re so wise! Happy birthday! 💙

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Awww so nice to hear that ❤️ thank you so much!

  • Hannah Marie

    Happy birthday Dear! I love your list, they are true and I totally agree with almost everything in it.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you for the greetings babe ❤️

  • Ruth I.

    I agree with your list. These are so important that we should always be reminded of. Happy birthday!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much Ruth!

  • Amanda Schreiber

    These are perfect reminders for everyone, no matter what their age! And Happy Belated Birthday!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      That is right! Thank you so much!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    Happy 24th birthday! What a wonderful list of lifetime reminders. I love “you are good enough.” When you believe in yourself you have the confidence to tackle and achieve any goal you choose!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Yes, cause we can for sure! Thank you so much!

  • Anchal Narayan

    Wow. Those lessons are have come of age. A great reminder for everyone. Loved reading your post. Happy belated Birthday !

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much, Anchal ❤️

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Happy 24th birthday. These are all great life lessons to learn or know. It is so important to just enjoy life because stress will kill you faster. There really is no fast way to success. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      I couldn’t agree more! And thanks for the greeting 🙂

  • First a big happy birthday! Hope it was a great one! I love all the lessons, especially trusting and loving yourself. We always need self-love.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Always!!! And thank you so much!

  • Aareeba Mohammed

    Happy 24th Birthday and yes these are some really important things which everyone should learn in life

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you ❤️

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    Happy birthday! I wish I had known some of these nuggets when I was 24!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Never too late! ❤️

  • Emmanuel Damian

    Happy Birthday! The most important lesson for me is #12 – Health is Wealth.

    • Kylie Shayne Go


  • kim@hungryhealthygirl

    Happy birthday! Such great life lessons!

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much!

  • happy birthday! hope you had a great one. those are great lessons to learn before 25. you’re already ahead of the curve. my favorite is ‘there is no shortcut to success.

    • Kylie Shayne Go

      Thank you so much ❤️