February 24, 2017 kyliego 0Comment

Time flies so fast, we can all agree on that. Two years ago, on this exact day, I landed here in Dubai full of hope and enthusiasm to start a new phase in my life. It was my first international flight so you can imagine my excitement. Everything was new to me. I still remember being fined for tapping my nol card (metro card) twice in the bus. Well, it was my fourth day in the city, I am commuting alone and I don’t really have any idea as to where I am and what I’m doing. So the officer asked me to get off the bus and follow him. Reaching his police car, he asked for my passport and started asking questions. I tried to tell him that it was my first time to ride a bus here and I don’t know how the nol card works. Unluckily, he didn’t believe me so I had to pay around AED 300 (USD 80) just so he’ll give me back my passport. That’s a memorable fourth day experience for me! Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you is the beauty and culture of this past-faced country which I can proudly call as my second home. So for those of you who are planning to visit here, I’ll be your guide. I’ll show you everything you need to see end experience through this blog. Let’s explore Dubai together!

X, Kylie