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I’m no fashion expert nor do I “worship” fashion rules– I wear what I want, where I want and when I want it. There are some trends that doesn’t fit my body built or my own personal style but that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to wear the trendiest clothes to be considered stylish or fashionable. You just have to own every piece of clothing you wear, Dolce or not.

Having said that, I decided to wear a double denim outfit to go ice skating. Not the usual go-to but it’s the one that matches my mood that same day– and that’s the most important. So to give the spotlight to this timeless piece, let me show you how to wear it in 3 out of a hundred ways:

1.Top off

Throw your jacket to your shoulder and you’re good to go. A little advise for wearing a denim-on-denim outfit is to pair a dark denim jeans with a lighter denim top or jacket.

2. Tie-waist

Remember that time when everyone has something tied on their waist? Can’t argue cause it instantly turns your simple outfit combo into a more instagram-worthy one. Plus it can serve its purpose- you don’t want to carry that jacket around when you start to feel hot.

3. Traditional

Can you believe that I actually forgot to take a photo wearing my jacket like how a normal person would? And yet I managed to take a photo without it braving the windy 18 degree weather. So for the last tip, wear it normally or don’t wear it at all!

The point is, no closet can ever exist without a denim jacket. It’s one of those staples that you can wear year-round. Plus points cause it never goes out of style. What do you think?

X, Kylie

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