February 11, 2017 kyliego 0Comment

How do I begin? Forgive me, I’ve never really written anything aside from work emails for the past 5 years. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration because I just graduated from college 3 years ago, but believe me, life has been quite challenging since then.

Anyway, if you are reading this now, you might absolutely have no idea as to what I’m talking about. So let me introduce myself as briefly as I can in 4 W’s.

  1. WHO

I’m Kylie Go, 23 year old (self-proclaimed) blogger from the Philippines. I’m in the travel and tourism industry and I am hoping to one day be able to have breakfast in Paris, attend FW in New York, see the Northern Lights, witness the Serengeti migration, swim with the whale sharks, sleep under the stars and maybe start my own clothing line.

  1. WHAT

Naked & Clothed by Kylie Go is a Life + Travel + Style blog which aspires to inspire by sharing personal experiences about life and all its aspects, travel and all its beauty, and style in all its forms.

  1. WHERE

Physically in Dubai but mentally somewhere else.

  1. WHEN

It started June of 2013 as a “hobby” blog turned online shop named Naked and Clothed selling clothing for women. Two years later after getting my degree, I got my first full-time job so I had to realign my priorities and focus on my corporate career. Fast forward to this day, here I am munching on some dark chocolate writing my first blog post in 5 years!

So allow me now to reminisce some #ootd moments with you…

This is just the beginning of many more #ootd, #travelgoals and life stories I will be sharing with you!

X, Kylie