April 1, 2017 kyliego 0Comment

To be honest, I’m really not a morning person. It’s sunset over sunrise and tea over coffee for me. Waking up at 6 AM requires 8 sets of alarms starting from 4 AM. Yep. But breakfast food would have to be an exception to the rule. I mean, how can someone not love bacon, sausages and eggs?

Places like The Farm at Al Barari makes you think twice about your life choices. I have never really thought that I’d be able to find a place like this in Dubai. It’s a breath of fresh air especially for someone whose everyday life consists of either sand or skyscrapers. Plus look at how “instagrammable” every corner is!


You can see their menu here.


A little tip: if it’s too early and you haven’t planned your outfit the night before, opt for a bright-colored dress + a matching sunglass. You’ll be out and about in 5 minutes!

English breakfast

Eggs Florentine

So yes, I wouldn’t mind trading a few more hours of sleep if I get to spend my morning at The Farm. How about you, how do you spend your mornings?

X, Kylie