April 26, 2017 kyliego 2Comment

Ever wonder what really happens behind every “Instagram photo”? Well, I hope it’s as easy as it looks but even a selfie requires hundreds of different shots in various angles and poses which will then undergo an “extensive screening” before we can even upload it. I know, we are all guilty! Ha-ha.

My instagram/facebook/blog photos are usually taken by my “good” friends, “supportive” cousins and “kind-hearted” strangers. Lol! They really don’t have any choice, do they? Well, I’m really not the bad guy here. Refer to below photos:

That’s enough evidence right there! Ha-ha. Kidding aside, this is basically what happens every single time I shoot with my friends. And I know for sure that I’m not the only one. But hey, I must admit that this is my favorite part. Agree?

This is just one of the many things that happen behind every published photo. I haven’t mentioned editing, curating, scheduling (and stuff like that) just yet. I’m not a pro and I’m still learning the ropes myself. Maybe next time I can share it with you? What do you think?


X, Kylie

PS. Hello to my crazy friend @onillevaleza

  • I love behind the scenes of instagram pictures. I’m sure a lot of people will laugh at this as we all live the same things lol

    • kyliego

      We are all guilty! Haha!