April 24, 2017 kyliego 0Comment

I have always wanted to try karting. You know, that kind where you get to wear a suit and a helmet. I have only tried riding a motorcycle once (and never again!) for a school project, but aside from the broken gas tank (I don’t know how they call it), I also got some bruises and a whole lot of humiliation. Since then, I was stuck with bump cars which I only get to ride whenever we visit an amusement park. I know, don’t laugh.

But just recently, I finally get to ride a go-kart! Yay for me! Although the track is a bit disappointing, I really enjoyed it. Well, who wouldn’t if you are with a bunch of crazies, right? For AED 25, you get 5 good minutes (plus 10 depending on the mood of the watcher). Lol! Aside from karting, you can also try ice-skating, bowling or swimming in Al Nasr Leisureland. You can find more info here.


Tip 1: Go during weekdays or very early on weekends so you and your friends can enjoy the track all to yourselves.

Tip 2: You can have a photo session after the kart ran out of gas. Lucky if it stops in the same spot as mine did because it’s a good angle for your photos.


Next goal is to try it in Kartdome. I heard they have a 1.2KM outdoor track with a tunnel and a bridge! Who’s with me?

X, Kylie