October 9, 2017 kyliego 3Comment

It’s quite fascinating how quickly trends change. What used to be ‘just an accommodation’ are now reconstructing the whole travel experience by offering a complete and stand-alone product and introducing the idea of a staycation. To be honest, at first, I didn’t get the whole idea. Isn’t it better to spend the day watching romcoms, eating all sorts of snacks while in your PJs rather than paying hundreds of bucks just to be able to do the same thing in a totally different environment? Well apparently, sleepovers are a thing of the past. So 90’s- no buffet breakfast, happy hours and room service.

BUT I DO GET IT NOW. Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled like a royalty for a day or two right? And sometimes, a new environment really does the trick!

So here’s a quick room tour:

How cute right?

So it started Thursday night after work, we were picked up from our apartment by Lindz (he’s very friendly) then we headed straight to Media One Hotel. As we arrived quite late, we missed the dinner so we decided to start the evening with some wine and cheese at Café M instead.

Did I mention that they serve unlimited wine and cheese? It is a buffet heaven!

It is also my current favorite hangout place because 1, look at that interior and 2, the vibe is very relaxed. And oh, Melissa is also very accommodating too!

After a few more glasses, we decided to cap the night off and get some rest. It is finally the weekend!

Good morning from room 1126! I usually wake up late during weekends but how can you resist this kind of breakfast?

We then decided to spend the noon at The Dek on 8 and have some drinks. Well deserved downtime for all you busy bees out there.

Thank you to Michelle and Ryan for accommodating us.

By the time we decided to have lunch, it was 3:30 PM and the restaurant isn’t serving lunch anymore. So we ended up having deserts and more drinks! Why am I so spoiled!

Aside from the delicious food, every corner of Qwerty is also very instagrammable. And the staff, with special mention to Madz, are the best!

Staycation at Media One Hotel

We had our dinner at Qwerty before checking out at around 6 PM. Long story short: I’m back to reality. But it was a quick and refreshing break from the everyday grind. Something that I badly needed. And Media One Hotel had done it right! So I challenge you- take a step back and give yourself a little treat! A simple staycation can do wonders! And yeah, you’ve earned it!

X, Kylie