February 14, 2017 kyliego 0Comment

Today’s confession: I was never a fan of Valentine’s. No, not because of what you’re thinking…  I just believe that everyday should be equally special. Although I love to dress up for occasions!  Well, I’m not here to spoil your day, just thought about greeting you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Also, if you’ve read about my previous post, this is what I would wear 5 years ago for this day:

A casual day outfit. (Top from my mom’s closet. Don’t tell her please)

(A more elegant evening dress for your evening date with your special someone)

As for me, I’ll be happily wearing my favorite pajamas tonight while munching on some french fries with my habibi.

So whatever plans you have to celebrate this day, I hope you have a good one.

X, Kylie